Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Friday, March 23rd, 2012


Up and straight to the breakfast room. Coffee, coffee, coffee! ;-) We had breakfast and then I ran out to the beach. The sun was just coming up and the sky was beautiful. We loaded the bus and headed up to Point Du Hoc. This was the German lookout point for the D-Day invasion. We were about 110 feet above the water and it was hard to fathom how that place was taken. We left there and headed to the American Cemetery at Normandy. It was so crazy to be there. I always knew that someday I would be there. Sherrie and I went the opposite direction from the rest of the group. We walked the whole place and I took 100 pictures. We only had an hour and a half but it was enough..... We loaded the bus and headed to Omaha Beach. The village there was just beautiful and we all stopped in little deli's for lunch. We made our way to the Canadian Cemetery and museum there. It was much smaller but very beautiful. From there we headed to the Peace Museum in Caen. We had dinner in the museum and then went to check in at our hotel. Our guide Gills (Jill) has an apartment there and several kid's including Trey went for a couple hour walk with him. I had planned on staying at the hotel and editing pictures but the group from Springfield wanted to go for a walk and their teacher didn't! We walked for miles and miles. These kids were older than all of the other kids they were hilarious. We got back to the hotel and I crashed!

Love you all!


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