Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012


We had breakfast and left Loches for the coast. It was a three and a half hour bus ride. I edited pictures and listened to music. Our guide Gills (Jill) had us stop at a market and buy stuff for a pik-nik. Sherrie and I bought some croissants, nutella, bananas, and  cheese. We stopped at a park on the outside of Mont Saint-Michel. This is a place where I have seen in pictures and always thought it would be cool to visit. I wish we could have been there at night. The sun was very direct and the pictures did not come out very good. We made our way to the island. The village is situated in the middle of the tidal pool, and it has the fastest moving tide in the world. There are pilgrims that walk from the coast to the island across the tidal shores, and the bad part is there are areas of quick sand, so it is a journey of faith. We went to the cathedral to find out there was a government strike and the cathedral was closed. We walked around the island for an hour and then back to the bus. From there we went to the fishing village of St Malo. This was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Chateaubriand ruled this area and is buried just off the coast on an island. Sherrie and I walked the village wall, and I took some great pictures. We found more chocolate and then headed back to the bus. We went up the coast to the Saint-Cast Le Guildo. The hotel was hundreds of years old and we were on the fourth floor. The beach was awesome and after dinner several of us went out and walked down the beach. It was a busy day...

Love you all!


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