Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Saturday, March 24th, 2012


Up for our last full day in France. Down to breakfast and then back on the bus. We headed the Renne to the village where Joan of Arc ruled. We went to her cathedral, walked the village she lived in and then went to the place where she was burned at the stake. We did a little shopping too! ;-) Back on the bus and back towards Versailles... By this time we were all exhausted! Versailles is so over the top, that it was almost fake. Everything is gilded in gold and the opulence gives you an idea why the French revolution happened. We spent about four hours there before heading to the hotel for our last night. We checked into the hotel and then took the subway back to Notre Dame. We had dinner and then we all split to finish our shopping. Sherrie and I had to buy a giant duffel bag to bring home all the stuff we bought! On the way back to the hotel there were a couple drunk French guys that started yelling on the metro. I had to puff up and show them who was boss! Don't try to intimidate me or my kid's.... I break you off at the knee's! Just sayin! Back to the hotel to finish packing for the early departure!

Love you all!


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