Monday, March 5, 2012

Saturday & Sunday, March 3rd & 4th, 2012


What a busy weekend. It all started early Saturday morning getting the lawn equipment ready for a full day of work. I still have the contract on the Edmond property through the end of the month. The weeds are out of control so I needed to get up there and knock that stuff down. I made Trey go with me which was kinda a waste of time because he really doesn't like physical work! ;-( If everything would have gone my way we would have been done in 2 1/2 hours but as usual I had to rewire the starter on the mower, and then the weed eater gave me fits..... We were home around noon, but I needed to mow my weeds! I came in and cleaned up. There was plenty to do, but I decided to lay down for an hour! Of course work called and I needed to do an admit. I got up did the admit, cleaned the floors and took Trey to a buddies house to spend the night. I came home and got ready for a photoshoot at the Oklahoma History Museum. It was for a Sorority/Fraternity Banquet and I had no idea what I was getting myself into! It was funny because it was the Asian American fraternity/Sorority and Sherrie and I were the only Caucasians.... Usually you see the Asians with the cameras and, well you know the stereotype! :-) We were there until 10:30 and then I came home and downloaded the pictures. I woke up early and started editing pictures. I was suppose to pick Trey up at 7:40 to go to church. I text him at 7:30 and he was up, so I went to get him and he would not come out. I went to the door and they had just gone to bed! I got him and before we got down the street he was asleep so I brought him home before going on to church. Sherrie was going to pick up Josh's aunt Sam and they were going to breakfast before work so I met them. I left there and drove around the lake before heading to the flea market to find some cheap sunglasses for my trip to France. It amazes me the things you can buy at a flea market in the middle of Oklahoma City! Anyway.... I headed out to the Outlet Mall to find a pair of jeans. It was unbelievable beautiful, but I didn't find any jeans. What I did find was some climbing mittens at Under Armour, and I got Sherrie a Coach Umbrella. I was headed back to the city when I got a call and I had to re-admit a patient that never needed to leave our building! I came home and got my cameras and headed back to Bricktown to shoot some engagement pictures. When Trey and I got home I started working on my Monday reports.... It never stops! I am not going to work past 6:00 any day this week, or next week! I have too much to do to get ready for our trip! 46 and pretty in Paris today!

Love you!


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