Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday, July 15th and 16th, 2009


Good morning everyone. Tuesday was great...Work was fine. We are still pretty busy, but more manageable than the last couple of weeks. After work I headed straight to the gym, and after a good cleaning, I took off for a good run. I ran down the Broadway extension access road to Hefner and back. I needed a good sweat, and since it was 105 outside, I got it. After warm ups... (HaHa) I went in the cage and rolled with Travis Chyzy. I believe a three minute round of MMA, gives you a better cardio workout than running five miles. Just my opinion! We went several rounds, and it was a blast! I had to jet home because DJ and Lindsay were coming over to order prints from their wedding. Wednesday, was busy as well. Work was fine, then home to change clothes, and to the gym to clean the mat's and get ready for class. We had 11 students show up, which is great for the heat... It is probably 115* inside the gym. Reminds me of the wrestling room in high school. After class I ran by Mike and Kim Van Sickles house to pick up a piece of equipment. It was great to see them. Yesterday.... Galen Culver called from News Channel 4. He wants to do a story on me for the news. We are going to shoot the interview at the gym Friday afternoon. How cool is that? We are sooooo close to finishing the fund raising efforts. This hopefully will put us over the top. I need eight more corporate sponsors. If you know anyone that might be interested please let me know. Love you all!


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