Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday, and Sunday, July 25th and 26th, 2009


Saturday morning I volunteered at Sidewalk VBX at Journey Church in Norman. It was really fun to do some serving for a while. They had moon bounces, and craft centers, and even and ice cones station. It was really fun. When I got home Sherrie and I went down town Edmond and did some crazy days shopping. We looked a lot but did no purchasing. We tried the new frozen yogurt place in Spring Creek. It was OFF THE SCHNIZZLE! Satanic! Anyway we came home and laid down for an hour, before meeting Mike and Marylin Isbell at Buffalo for a glass of tea, and a chicken wing. This morning I got up and worked in the parking lot at church. Immediately after that Sherrie and I did a photo shoot, of a pretty young lady in Brick town. Her name is Rosa, and she works with Sherrie's mom. It was nice. The weather was overcast which was perfect. After that we came home and changed and then date time at the grocerie store. We came home and I started editing pics. I have received 50 emails and 100's of text about my story on the news. Pretty exciting. I have heard from Australia, California, St. Louis, Clinton, OK... It's overwhelming. I want to throw a huge hug out to my friend Miriam Nida! She has stepped up and is doing so much to help with "The Quest!"

Love you all!


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