Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Monday and Tuesday, July 27th & 28th, 2009


Monday was good..... Work was fine, and as soon as I left work I headed straight down town Oklahoma City, to the Chase building. It's the tallest building in OKC. 35 stories tall.... I could not find the stair case so I ask the security guard. He showed me where it was hidden in a marble wall. I really didn't struggle with the stairs; However, two days later I am pretty sore! I may try something off the hook this weekend? Haven't decided yet. We are suppose to go to Dallas, but that is yet to be determined. Tuesday, was pretty slow at work. Our patient count is down a little, an our IV load is fairly low. After work I had a speaking engagement at Foundation Bariatric Hospital. I think it went really well, and every time I speak it gets easier and more fluid. Came home and Sherie had made this Parmesan crusted baked tilapia...... Mmmmmmmm good! Decided to clean the garage, and the weed eat the lawn and edge, before this crazy thunderstorm hit. Anyway... Been working a lot on my Itunes library. I finely found a good program that rips DVD's to MP4. I figure I will have 20 or so movies on my Ipod before I leave. I think it will help with the long flights and layovers. I talked to Naba yesterday. The other two climbers who had joined my trek, backed out. One of them has a serious illness. Anyway I'm on my own!

Love you all!


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