Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thursday and Friday, July 16th and 17th, 2009


Thursday was a good day. After work I had to drop off the pictures from the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life Poker Run from last Sunday. Then we had to drop by the gym and drop off a shirt we had made for a gentleman who has been working out with us. He plays a sport that has an oblong shaped ball, made out of pig skin, and they wear pads, and helmets. The team he plays for kinda reminds me of well a crow! Anyway from there we went to Brick Town to do Senior pictures for my friend Carol's son. It was good and I really like the pictures. When We got home I started editing the pictures, and about 10:30 Cindy called and out automated Medication Machines were down. When I got to work I found the hard drive on our interface machine was down, and I went to Wal-Mart to get a new one. Our dispensing software company told me to get the hard drive installed and call them at 7:00am eastern time. So Home by 1:00am, back to work by 6:00am. Friday was a whirl..... I did get to work around 6:00 and started investigating the hardware problem. I noticed the system had dropped the whole network, so I started bypassing the interface machine, and re networking the system. After three hours of tracing cables, I got everything re networked, and up and running. Work was slow yesterday and that was a blessing. I left work at three and went to the gym, to straighten up, and get ready for my interview with channel 4! It was great. Mike and Ben showed up to work me out, and Galen taped me running, and running, and running. After that, I took Sherrie to Pearls and we shared some Talipia, and then date night ended with us coming home and cleaning the house for two hours. I took a shower and was asleep by 9:30. We are up and heading out to El Reno, to play in the Elk's golf tournament. Sherrie is running the registration, and I am playing with Ricardo Villarreal, Matt Lowery, and Jay Jones! We may not win.... But we will laugh our butts off!

Love you all!


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