Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday, July 18th, 2009


What a great day! Sherrie and I got up early to get to El Reno, for the Elk's Lodge Golf Tournament. Sherrie volunteers to do the registration every year, and I play. It is a four man scramble, and this year I played with, my Ambassador of Kwan Ricardo Villarreal, Matt Lowery, and Jay Jones. We started on the 17th hole and kicked some butt. We had a blast (and a few Bloody Mary's)! We finished at 11 under par, and won third place. Sherrie and I were going to stop at Eishen's on the way home but there were no parking places within a block so we just came home, and crashed on the couch for an hour, before heading over to Paul and Tammi Brunners to do pictures of their 1 year old Cash. He is a little cutie, and it was beautiful outside. We headed home, and had our leftovers from Friday night, then I took a Jacuzzi and went to bed! Getting ready for church right now, then we are suppose to go see a movie at 12:30! I'm not a big movie guy, I have to much to do..... But it's family day! Love you all!


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