Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sunday and Monday, July 19th & 20th, 2009


Sunday morning Trey and I worked in the parking lot at Peoples Church, then met Sherrie and Jordan for the service. It was awesome! It was the grand opening of the new building, and the message was great! As a matter of fact.... Pastor Cooper preached on the scripture that is part of my philosophy, about running a race. After church we ran home changed clothes, and headed to Moore to have some lunch, and go to a movie at the Warren theater. The movie was the second worst movie I have ever seen! It was also my first time in the Warren, and it was nice, but I see no reason why I would ever drive to Moore just to see a movie there. Trey and I went to mom's and did her lawn, while the girls went shopping. Monday was a good day! Work was fine, catching up from the weekend. After work I ran home and did my lawn, which if I may say.... Looks excellent! Then Sherrie, Trey, and I loaded up and headed to the gym. We had a great workout! We did speed stations, and then sparred. Everyone fought everyone! We were very tired when we got home. Shower, dinner, and bed!

Love you all!


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