Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thursday, and Friday, July 9th, and 10th, 2009


Thursday was a blur.... Still very busy at work. Once home I laid down for about 45 minutes before Sherrie and I cooked dinner. We made chicken fajitas, however, I had an upset stomach. The fajitas looked great and smelled great, I didn't want to taste them two times... If you know what I mean! Sherrie had somewhere to be with her friend Michelle, so Trey and I went to Laser Quest. When we got there we were the only ones there so.... We played air hockey, and some video games, then I made him wash my car! Friday, got to work really early. I had an appointment with my Thunder season ticket representative Melissa Owumi. Melissa is awesome and we met at Louie's lake side. She brought me a few gifts from the Thunder, including an autographed 8 X 10 from Robert Swift! Awesome! We talked about the team, and the Ford Center, and travel. Then back to work where it was kinda slow for a Friday afternoon, until 4:45 when they told us we were getting an admit at 6:00 and by the way you get no information.... Oh well what are you gonna do? Got home at 6:15 and my wonderful wife, had planned a date night. Trey was at mom's and we dropped Jordan off (on her head) at her friend Kat's house. She took me to Red Rock Canyon Grille. I had an awesome Bloody Mary.... It was like a small buffet with all of the veggies they put in it. We had a stuffed poblano pepper, and only ate about a quarter of it. I think that's what we will have for lunch. Anyway, today we have a bunch of errands to run. We are going to Wally right now, then to the flea market, and then the 805 Cookout at the lake, then Buffalo Wild Wings for the fights tonight. It's gonna be 108 outside today should be fun! Love you all!


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