Monday, January 2, 2012

Saturday, December 31st, 2011


Well I made us get up and get on the road at 6:45.... I had big plans for the day which included a stop at Starbucks, and then a drive through Edge water to show Sherrie the massive heard of deer. We made Starbucks but the gates at Edge water we locked so we drove through a couple other neighborhoods. We took Highway 66 all the way out to Stroud before getting on the highway and arriving in Tulsa at 10:00. We went straight to Woodland Hills Mall, and got our shop on. It was awesome.... We didn't buy anything but tried on a bunch of clothes and looked at shoes! We went to Sherrie's favorite hamburger restaurant at noon... Fuddruckers! I have no idea why we don't have one here? We went and checked into our hotel and then laid down for a couple of hours. We got up and dressed then headed down to Utica Square to walk around. We had dinner at Sonoma Wine Bar and Bistro. It was wonderful! Sherrie had this orange talapia and I had a oven fired pizza. We left there and headed to the Hard Rock in Catoosa. We stayed there until 11:00pm. The smoke at that point was overwhelming and there were so many people in there you couldn't move. We went back to the hotel and watched the New Years Celebration on TV! Great Day! I did look at the Paris Webcam several times and it looked very nice!

Love you all!


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  1. Thanks for an amazing weekend! You were full of surprises!