Sunday, January 15, 2012

Friday & Saturday, January 13th & 14th, 2012


What a crappy day Friday was.... It started early and went late. We are now down two employees and my department of eight is six! I started working at 5:00am and was on the phone working until well after 10:00pm. In the mean time.... I came home at 6:00 and Trey had a scrimmage at school.... He went up for a rebound and landed on someones foot. We brought him home and put him on the couch with ice and ibuprofen. Sherrie and I ran to Louie's to get a bite, and then we had our typical date night of Wal-Mart Crest. We came home unpacked the groceries and Trey was already asleep. We put a movie on and I passed out!

Saturday started at 5:00am as well. The car has been overheating so I had ordered a new thermostat. I started disassembling the car and discovered that I may need to be a little more skilled at mechanicing than I am even to reach the thermostat. I got pissed came in the house and started working on my PI numbers for next week. I took Sherrie to work and then came home to get Trey around for his game. His ankle was three times it's normal size and purple. I put him in one of my immobilizers and then we went to the Edmond Memorial Gym... We watched the Summit white team get murdered by Cheyenne and then Trey got to be the assistant coach for Summit blue (His Team). He was disappointed that he did not get to play, but he was part of the win! We came home and my phone started blowing up! I started working and had to admit two patients. It took most of the day to coordinate everything! Mike was not able to go to the Thunder game, and Sherrie's friend Stephanie had two tickets she was not going to use so I picked Sherrie up and we went to the game. I dropped Sherrie and Trey off at the door and he hobbled in. I had to park a long way away.... The game was pretty bad. We were winning by 30 points most of the game. We left after the third period and came home to crash!

Love you all!


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  1. Thanks for taking us to the game daddy!