Friday, June 5, 2009

Wednesday & Thursday, June 3rd & 4th!

Good Morning!

Well what can I say..... My last post might have left you wondering what in the world???? Several weeks ago, my spiritual advisor, Clark Mitchell told me he would support me in my trip to Nepal; However, I have several mountains to climb before I go to Everest! Never in my life has that been more evident than this week. I have been very focused on training, traveling, Fight Club, Photography, lawn work, ...... You see where I'm going? Where is my family in all of this? Yes.... Go ahead and say it! I know, I'm an arrogant, egotistical, self absorbed schmuck! I am writing this post as number one, an apology to my family, number two, as a cry for help! I feel like if I let all of you... My friends, family, and supporters, know where I am, you will hold me accountable. Just like in my weight loss journey. I purposefully put myself in the public eye with the quest, for that reason, it is incumbent on each and everyone of you to hold me accountable in regards to my weight. I do not accept failure, and so by putting myself out there, it continues to motivate me. I appreciate you letting me get this off my chest. I wrote an email to my brother earlier this week, and mentioned to him "I learned how to be a husband, and father from our dad! his response.... "Not that great of a role model!" We as a family look forward to spending time with other couples, in healthy committed relationships, that will continue to teach us how to treat each other. It is funny.... Last week I had one of the best weeks of my life! I pushed myself to the brink of exhaustion, physical as well as mental, but just two hours after Mike and I hit the road, and one speeding ticket.... I was already missing my family. I think they know that, it's just that I don't tell them enough!

Please continue to pray for us! Thank you for allowing me to express my heart! I love each and everyone of you!


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