Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Good Morning!

Yesterday was..... Well interesting! Work, still very busy. After work I had to run to Francis Tuttle Vo-Tech and get Jordan's stuff turned in for her cosmetology permit. Came home and baked a couple of pizza's. We started buy this whole grain crust, put a little sauce and some shredded turkey, some low fat mozzarella cheese, and a few minutes in the oven! Yummy! Sherrie had a few errands to run, so I got on the treadmill, and when she got back, we walked our two mile circuit, and added an extra mile. Today is a bittersweet day! My good friend Joy Brown is leaving us at work. She has accepted a job in an ICU, and although I encouraged her to do it, I sure do enjoy having her at work. She's like the little sister my mommy never gave me!! :-) Joy just found out last Sunday she has passed her boards and is officially an RN. She needs to branch out and see other aspects of nursing. She will be missed in our little corner of the world! I didn't mention... We had to cancel class last night because the gym was filled with lacquer fumes, Travis had been painting doors in there all day, and it was just not safe to be in there. I plan on a good workout tonight, hopefully I can get a good fight in and the a light workout tomorrow night, then off to Texas! Love you all!


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  1. We can't wait for y'all to get here!
    love, Texas