Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Monday & Tuesday, June 8th & 9th.

Monday was a good day! After work headed straight to the gym. After several days away, I knew the place would be filthy! Right I was! The building we are in is not exactly air tight, and we get dust and dirt from under the big doors. I cleaned the mat's really good, and because I knew we would have some women there, I even cleaned the bathroom. (Disgusting) Anyway, went for a run, and then back to get the session started. We had a small class, but each student gets more personal time. After class I jetted home caught a shower, and worked on a few pictures. Tuesday, we were quite busy at work. After work Mike Giroux, Ben Crocker, and myself, met with an attorney for two hours, to get our corporation started. It is weird to think that this gym, a place that was formed in a garage, is going to be a corporation. After our meeting, and as soon as, I got to the house Trey, and Sherrie were getting ready to walk. I changed, and told them I was going to run down 15th, through Lexington, and over into the Valley. Sherrie and I walked that route the other night and it's just over two miles. We left at the same time and I caught them right before they reached the bridge in the Valley. That was my goal. So then home, shower, trail mix, and a quick trip over to my mom's to pick up Jordan. Back home for some R & R! Should be a good day today! Sherrie and Trey are going to make a return trip to Fight Club!

Love ya!


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