Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Hello All!

OOOOHHHHH!!!!! What a Monday! It was busy at work. At lunch today I had to go rescue Mike Champlin. His car was acting up, and I went over to his house to look at his car. We got it running, and I headed back to work. After work I came straight home, grabbed my weed eater, and headed to the gym. Our grass is all dead but, it had dead weeds that were feet tall. Big Ben Crocker mowed and I weed ate. We then went for a run, got back to the gym, and got ready for class. We had a great turnout, and Sherrie is really getting into the flow. She has some pent up aggression, and I think she has some pent up aggression, and she is getting it out. After class I rolled with Tyson and Tapped him out three times. Then I rolled with a youngster... New kid. He was pretty scrappy, but I worked him over. I got a great workout, and am excited about Wednesday. Tomorrow I have committed to work on the kids bathroom. ANY VOLUNTEERS?????

Love you all!


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