Monday, June 15, 2009

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday June 11th - 14th, 2009

Good Morning!

Thursday morning I went to work about an hour and a half early, due to the fact, that I needed to leave early. My friend DJ Dirk was getting married Friday evening, and he ask me to be the photographer. I hate doing weddings, but I did it or DJ. I go to the rehearsal so I can get the layout of the chapel, and see the flow of the service. The rehearsal was fun. DJ is a prankster and the rehearsal was very quick. After the rehearsal we went to his best mans house for a cookout. I took a couple of hundred pictures, and some are really great. Friday, same story! Work early, and left early. I had to be at the chapel at 5:00 and it was way on the other side of the city. I came home and put on some dress clothes, picked up my lovely assistant, and headed straight over. The wedding was beautiful, and we took just over a thousand pictures. The reception was fun. The wedding party, well.... Loved to party. The newly weds left just after 11:00, and I got home just after midnight. I started downloading pictures, and don't remember much else. I was soooo tired. Saturday morning, I got up early, mowed my lawn at 6:15. I didn't feel too bad about that, because my neighbor David was already out doing his lawn. Showered and started editing pictures, until Sherrie got up. She has her high school Reunion, in a couple of weeks, and I promised to take her shopping. We went to he Edmond farmers market, and bought a bunch of fresh Veggies, and two whole grain pizza crust. We left there and went to Kholes. There were several things she liked, but only got one top. We went and got the kids from mom's, and came home. I started working on pictures. My friend Caleb Brown has been wanting to go fishing, so he came over at 3:30 and we headed up to Guthrie Lake. We fished until dark. I caught two sand bass, and one really nice large mouth. Caleb caught two really nice large mouth, and on blue gill. Sunday morning.... Had to be in the parking lot at Peoples Church by 8:30. I picked Trey up at Mom's and made him go with me. He had a blast directing traffic. As soon as we were done in the parking lot, we ran over to the gym met Sherrie and Jordan, and headed down to Journey Church in Norman. Service was great. We then went to Sooner Mall, to look for Sherrie a dress. They didn't open until noon, so we headed back to Edmond. On the way we stopped at Harry Bears, and shared some nachos. Home to edit some more pictures, and then to Mike Giroux's house for an 805 Board Meeting at 4:00. I got home around six and made some home made pizza's. They turned out really great. We then loaded up and went to mom's to do her lawn. It was out of control. Back home to shower and work on pictures for the next hour and a half. I know I have left out a ton of details but I am sleep deprived. Have a great day!

Love you all!


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