Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thursday, Friday, And Saturday, June 18th, 19th, & 20h, 2009

Hello All!

Thursday... Another busy day at work. Our census is up, and our acuity is very high so we worked a few extra hours. After work I came home and started working on the fridge. I bought a new water valve for it and it only took about five minutes to fix it. Edward Peacock showed up to fix the leaking valves under the kid's bathroom sink. He got that accomplished and Sherrie and I went to Thunder Road to meet with The RB Motorcycle Club of Edmond. The RB's have been very supportive, and I can't tell you how much that means to me. We had some nachos and then home to get ready for Friday. Friday morning I got up a few minutes before five and run four miles. It was perfect running weather, but quite windy. I had some great music on and my pace was quick. Home shower and off to work. Work, again.... crazy busy. After work I came home and the kid's were at mom's swimming so Sherrie and I went to Bellini's and shared a pizza, then to Penn Square mall to look for some shoes to go with the dress I got her for her reunion next weekend. We were tired so we came home put a movie in the DVD player moved the chaise lounge in the middle of the living room floor and..... Fell asleep! Up at five to be at Applebee's at six. We had a great turn-out for the pancake breakfast! About 150 people showed up but only 78 people ate. After the breakfast we came home and unloaded, went to Wal-Mart where my family got me a new Blackberry for Fathers Day, and then to the city to meet with a photographer friend of mine. Mark Hopkins... He does great work and has some great equipment. We went over to the Myriad Gardens and walked around for a while. It is just beautiful right now. All of the flowers are in bloom and the fish were very visible in the ponds. After that we did some grocery shopping, home for a thirty minute nap, then Home Depot for flowers, and mulch. Sherrie and I planted flowers, cleaned out the pond, mowed the lawn, and put out new mulch in all of the beds. While mowing I tweaked my Achilles and the whole back of my foot is purple. Sherrie wants me to go to the ER but I am icing it and have my walking boot on. If it's not better in the next few days, I guess I will have it looked at! Anyway.... Need to edit some pictures so, good night and God Bless!

Love you all!


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