Monday, September 7, 2009

Saturday & Sunday, September 5th & 6th, 2009


Good Morning! It is Monday, but I'm not going to work!!!! It's Labor Day! Why do we not work on Labor Day? Seems counter intuitive? Anyway... Saturday, was a great day... I went to the Farmers Market and picked up a few things, some beans, squash, and some whole grain pizza crust. Went to the gym and cleaned the mats, then Tyler showed up, and we decided to do the class together. Turn out was weak but we all got great workouts. After class I came home and we had some shopping to do. We made it home and spent the rest of the afternoon watching football. We had a couple of friends come over for the OU disaster. We made sangwhiches, and I re-packed my equipment bag, and inventoried it. Sunday morning I worked in the parking lot at church, stayed for a great service, and then home. Sherrie mowed our lawn, then we headed to Ricardo's.... He and Jenni get back from Spain today... So I wanted their lawn to be in shape when the get home. One less thing for them to worry about. I brought Sherrie home, and went to do my mom's lawn. I cruised through it. Once I got it in shape this summer, it is pretty easy to maintain. When I got home Trey and I ran to Wal-Mart, so I could pick up a few things. I needed a new notebook, and three hole punch. I came home and started organizing my clothes bag. We had family dinner together, then to the book store. I wanted to pick up a couple of books for my trip, but could not find anything that peaked my interest. We relaxed the rest of the night. Trey and I are going to the zoo this morning. I want to spend some time with him today. Jordan has to work or I would make her go too.

Love you all!


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