Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Trey and I headed to Starbucks at 8:00 this morning. I had a Venti bold, and Trey had a Hot chocolate and Apple fritter. We headed down to the zoo, and got there 15 minutes before the zoo opened. It was really nice out this morning.We headed over to where the big dogs are, then around the Giraffe's, Oklahoma country, Great Ape's, Big Cat's, over to the pachyderms, aviary, then we stopped for a pik-nik. Trey made us some sangwhiches this morning, and I threw some granola, and trail mix in the bag. After lunch we headed to the butterfly garden, and up by the sea lions.... It was almost 1:00 and the zoo was soooo packed, it was time to go. Trey told me his day was about a 9.7 so I took him to Pink Swirl for so yogurt, and that put us over the top. We came home and I downloaded our pictures. We watched Transformers, and at 5:15 I headed to the gym. We had a board of directors meeting at 6:00 and then an awesome workout. I came home at 8:00 and Sherrie had made some Chicken. I am going to workout tomorrow night, Wednesday night, then that will prolly be it other than some running Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings. I have a few bumps and bruises that I need to heal up. I have had a bad pain in my left foot for a couple of weeks. It may be my new shoe's. I am going to wear them to work tomorrow and see if they just need a little more breaking in. I wore them to the zoo today. I may just have them too tight. Anyway.... Heading to bed!

Good night! Love you all!


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