Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012


Well Monday is gone with the wind, and HEAT! It got up to 103 degrees yesterday and without an air conditioner it was horrible. Work was busy, busy. 2/3's of my physician group were sick and I had so many admissions that I had to talk one of my consultants into taking patients.I left work at 4:00 got home and pulled the AC coil out of the new unit. Mike came over about 6:00 and we put the new one in, soldered it up, connected the electrical, charged it with freon and turned it on! OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SOUND IT WAS! I can tell you that it was 93 degrees in the house whren we got everything hooked up. After my shower and grabbing a bite to eat the tempature in the house dropped 5 degrees. We still ran the little window unit in the bedroom last night and Trey slep in the bed with us. This morning the temp in the house is 78 degrees and it continues to drop. It was a very expensive weekend, but it had to be done. We have a few tweeks to take care of, but we are just happy to have air!

Love you all!


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