Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday, June 24th, 2012


Well it was one crappy week.... Work was tough, really tough. We had 10 discharges and I had to match them with admits. In addition to that my boss was in town and we had multiple meetings with our docs. Trey fell at football practice Wednesday and had to go to the emergency room. He has a severe sprain, and has to wear a brace for three weeks. He can participate in drills but no contact or weight lifting. I did get to ride Thursday, and Saturday. I really have gotten back into the groove. I have been averaging about 3:35 miles. The weather really has a huge influence on my speed. In Oklahoma you really have no idea what the heck your gonna get. Our air conditioner has been slowly going out over the last year.... I had a friend of mine come over last Sunday and look at the unit. He said it had to be replaced and it should only take a few hours.... Ha Ha! We worked from 8:30am until 12:10am last night, then started again this morning at 10:30 and worked until 6:00pm. Guess what.... We still don't have an air conditioner! I did buy a window unit and we have it in the bed room to try and keep it cool in the bed room until Mike gets over here tomorrow night to finish. I had Sherrie meet Trey and I at Louie's for dinner after she got off work tonight. It was the first time I had eaten since Friday night..... I lost 12 pounds this weekend between not eating, riding, mowing, and spending several hours in the attic.... I forgot to mention, that yesterday right when we were getting started I got stung in the ear by a wasp. Sherrie called me and I guess the wasp sensed the radio signal, and zapped me right in the dang ear. It is about five times it's normal size and is itchy! This week will be busy as well... I have my typical Monday then Marketing Plus Tuesday, MEC Wednesday, and heading to Lawton on Thursday... I need a dang vacation!

Love you all!


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