Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012


Well it was an early morning after the Thunder games last night. When we got home I had a real hard time sleeping. I had a crazy dream at 4:45 and never went back to sleep. I drove Jordan's Jimmy to work, because she was in a hair coloring class in Midwest City and it would save me the trip to take it back to Norman. The only problem was I had to catch a ride home. Luckily my friend Nicole lives in Edmond and she said she could bring me home. I had to run downtown during the early morning and then back for infection control. I had a couple other meetings in the afternoon before coming home. We are taking care of a friends pets while he is out of town so Trey and I ran out to his house and then stopped at Wally World. I loaded my bike, and got out my riding clothes... I committed to myself that I will ride 100 miles between today and Sunday and paddle least 5 hours before Sunday evening. I need to pick out a mountain and start training for a big climb. Gotta get focused!

Love you all!


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