Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday, June 11th, 2012


Busy, Busy weekend.... Saturday I started off by loading the road bike and heading to the lake for a ride. I got to the lake and the back tire was flat. I spent 30 minutes trying to put air in it, and believe it or not the valve stem was broken. I came home and got the hybrid bike and went back to the lake. I did my 10 miles and then walked about three miles before coming home. I did the house work.... floors, kitchen, and laundry before mowing the lawn. The new car was hit pretty bad in the hail storm a couple weeks ago, so I took it to get an estimate before coming back home for a bit. I went to Sam's and picked up a few things for the amazing dinner I was going to cook. I came home and started working it over! I blackened salmon, made an amazing salad, and sweet potatoes. Anything for little mama! Then it got fun! She let me buy a new boat..... We went and picked her up! I put her in the garage with every intention of heading straight to the lake after church. Well Sunday morning I got up to let Boomer out and the wind was gusting at 35 miles per hour. Trey and I went to church, and then out to take care of a friends dogs. I went by Crest and got groceries and then I laid down for an hour, before more laundry. Steph helped me take the Mustang out to the west side of OKC..... She is getting a new convertible top put on her today, so I had to drop it off. Since we need two cars everyday, we headed to Norman and stole the truck from Jordan. I made Sherrie fix dinner last night. She made breakfast and it was yummy! I helped her study for a big test tomorrow, before heading to bed. It is going to be a crazy week. NBA Finals, work, meeting after meetings.... I am turning 1/2 the garage into a gym, so it will be busy. Hope you all find time to get out and work up a sweat!

Love you all!


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