Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012


Well it was another long hard day in central Oklahoma.... I left for work really early. Not sleeping very well lately, and I hate this heat! Work has been a little stressful this week. We have corporate nurses running the nursing center and they are making great changes; However, everything does not need to be a marketing and admissions problem! I left a few minutes after four to go do the paper work on the new car. Why does it make you feel so much better to spend money? I came home and Trey and I went riding around town with the top down, then we went and had some wings for dinner. We came home, and Steph wanted to go for a ride. I put a little speed in the ole girl! ;-) I went and washed her up and put her away for the night. Can't wait for the weekend. I may see how fast I can make it to New Mexico!

Love you!


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