Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tuesday, and Wednesday, May 12th, & 13th

Good Morn!

Been a very busy past two days! Focusing on the Golf tournament. Tuesday, I had planned on working on the yard, and getting some of the tournament stuff organised. Ran to the mall after work to find some new scrubs, ended up finding a nice pair of running shoes on sale. Ran back to the hospital to pick up one of my notebooks I needed, and while on the way home got several phone calls saying there may be no one at the gym to teach. Ran home changed, and got there quickly. We made up a awesome circuit. Had a really good turn out. We worked the circuit then broke up into smaller groups for ground and pound, and kick boxing. Wednesday.... Had a meeting with Big Ben Crocker at lunch. After work we ran to Sam's to pick up the supplies for the cook out. We spent 36 cents over budget. Ran to Ricardo's house to match up with him, we brain stormed on golfers, then worked on hole signs after that.... Should be done with that! Here we go!

Love ya'll!


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