Sunday, May 3, 2009

Saturday, May 2nd!


Wow.... Saturday was amazing! As I mentioned yesterday, Sherrie and I went to Applebee's to serve breakfast for the Epilepsy foundation. We walked in the door and they were not expecting us. They gave us a tour of the kitchen, and told us just to hang out and wait for people to show up. The Oklahoma City Yard Dogs sent three players out to serve the breakfast, so Sherrie and I ended up seating people, taking their drink orders, and busing tables. We met a bunch of great people. Beverly Young from the Foundation was instrumental in helping me network with some very influential people. Applebee's does one of these pancake breakfast every month, and we will be doing one very soon. We supply the pancake eaters, and volunteers to clean, and seat people, they supply the food, and cooks for a very reasonable price. We left Applebee's at 10:00, Sherrie, and Jordan had a mother, daughter brunch at Heritage Baptist Church. Trey and I ran out to El Reno to Burger Day. We were suppose to meet a friend of mine at the Edmond arts festival but it was raining cats and dogs. Trey and I hung out at the Crimson Creek booth for a while. He won a Gold Fish in the putting contest. Trey named him Tic. After Burger day, Trey and I headed home for a bite to eat, and to get prepared for the Limb's for Life 5k. My goal was to run the 5k in 29:59 or less. I have to tell you, and Sherrie can attest to this.... I started way, way to fast. I started up with the elite runners, and tried to keep up with them for the first kilometer. Bad idea. The first two kilometers were straight uphill, which meant finishing would be nice. I struggled through the first two kilometers, then hit my stride. Everyone that had passed me.... I started passing! I had some great music cranked on the old Ipod, and making the turn at the 2.5k, felt great. I smoked the last 1/2 and finished at 30:01! TWO seconds slower than my goal. If I could do it over, I think I would not have screwed around singing, and acting goofy for the course photographers. We got home I took a quick shower, and had dinner. Then to Wal-Mart to pick-up a few items. Trey needed a fish bowl for his new friend. We ended up getting Tic, a brother his name is Tac... Get it Tic, and Tac. We got home around nine. Sherrie decided we needed to get some house work done so we cleaned house for an hour, then crashed out! Today, we move into our new building at church. I have to be in the parking lot at 8:15, then I am going to jet down to Journey Church for their service. I need to see Clark. I will be home around 1:00, then Jenni and Ricardo, are coming over to discuss the golf tournament. Yesterday, Ricardo signed Oklahoma Therapy Institute, and Serta Mattresses. I think I signed Professional Recyclers.... Time to get started! God Bless! Have a great Sunday!

Love you all!


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