Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Good Morn!

Very short and sweet! Picked up Premier Martial Arts as a hole sponsor yesterday. Trey went to PMA for several years, and the owner Jason Epps is a great guy. They have an outstanding martial arts program. Check them out at www.edmondkarate.com. Received a call from Jessica Clayton director of sales and marketing from the PGA passport. Ricardo, Ben, and I, are meeting her tomorrow for lunch. Jessica knows how we can maximize the tournament for our benefit. Went to the gym straight from work... Got an awesome two mile run in, then set up an obstacles course for the class. Class went very well! Promised Sherrie I would be home at 8:00, jumped into lawn mode, and even though we have had rain for the past nine days, I had to mow the jungle. Did the whole lawn in 40 minutes! Not bad for mowing in the rain, and dark! Meeting with WorldVentures today at noon. Still trying to get the hook-up for my travel! God Bless!

Love you all!


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