Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monday, & Tuesday, May 18th & 19th


Monday, came and went... As I mentioned, I am pretty much packed for my trip next week. Just trying to keep up with my laundry, and stay focused on training. I went to the gym directly from work. With Mike Giroux in Thailand, and Ben Crocker in Tennessee, I lead class until Tyler Griffen drove in from Tulsa. We had a great turn out. We started with some stretching and a light jog. I set up a circuit, and it was pretty intense. After the circuit, Mr. Griffen showed us some ground and pound, and we started "King of the Cage!" KOC is when someone is up against the cage, and another guy shoots in. As soon as the shooter makes contact, the other guy tries to turn him into the cage or take him down. If you get turned.... Your on the wall, until you turn someone else. Most of the time once it goes to the ground you keep working until submission or exhaustion. I had several good turns and one awesome one against Tyler. Tyler is one of our professional fighters, and a solid human being to boot. Tuesday, after work Jordan had her last vocal concert. Since she was accepted to cosmetology school, it will take all of her electives. I wanted Sushi for dinner, so Trey and I went to Mr. Sushi.... Out of business.... So I drove to Buddha Tao..... Private Party.... Not open to the public. I guess it wasn't meant to be. Came home and had Bennie weenies! Oh well! Have a great day!

Love ya!


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