Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday, July 31st 2012


Well it has been a long hard week... We had something going every night.... Trey finished football camp on Thursday morning and has a whole week off before two a days start. I am really excited to get to sit in the 111 degree heat and watch him.  ;-) Friday night Sherrie had clinicas so Trey and I got the house cleaned and got ready to go to Texas on Sunday, but Saturday we had to shoot a wedding. The wedding was in Shawnee at 3:00pm and then we were suppose to go to my high school reunion; However, after the wedding I was exhausted and we came home and I started working on pictures.... Since we were leaving early for Ft Worth we went to bed early. We got up and got loaded then headed south. We made it to Grapevine before the Ray family even got out of church. We walked around Bass Pro and then met the Ray's at Black Eyed Pea! Yum! We went to the greats, and then Grapevine Mills Mall. I actually had to go find a restaurant and admit a patient then went back to the mall.... We stayed for a couple of hours and then met at Fuddruckers for dinner, before heading to my favorite hotel in the US. We stayed at the Dallas Marriott North. It is where we stayed the night before we went to Jamaica. We were on the top floor right next to the Presidential suite. Sweet! We got up and I went downstairs to Starbucks and then Sherrie and I found a Walmart to get some beach towels. We checked out of the hotel, had breakfast and went to a water park in Irving. We stayed there for about three hours before heading to Anna, Texas to drop Trey off at his friend Herman's house. It is way north east of Dallas, but Herman wanted Trey to come stay a few days. We drove home and I was spent. After the heat, and all the driving I crashed out! I officially did not do much today! I cleaned the house, did some laundry, went to Sam's and Walmart then watched a lot of Olympics. Just took a day off, and dang it.... I enjoyed it! We did a photoshoot for a friend of Sherrie's tonight... Three wild and crazy boys! Gotta head back to Texas Saturday to get Trey... He starts two a days on Tuesday!

Love you all!


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