Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday, August 6th, 2012


Well it was a busy week... Seems like there was something everyday that had to be done or somewhere to be. I guess that is the way it is... Friday at 5:00 could not come early enough. Work was horrible this week. As everyone in health care knows, numbers go down during the summer, but the pressure to maintain census never takes a break. This week is going to be a challenge... Patty is off Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Alicia is off Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We have a mandatory parents meeting today at Treys school for football, and then he starts two a days tomorrow. I know I am all over the place, but going back to Saturday.... Sherrie and I left for Texas at about 8:00am to pick Trey up from the Laskey's. We made good time to get to the Gainsville outlet mall by 10:00am. Well guess what? The mall is out of business! I remember just a few years ago, when people would drive from Edmond to shop there! We headed over to Anna, which is east of McKinney and visited with Herman and Silvia before taking them to lunch at this little country cafe. It was called Crow's. I had some catfish and fried green maters. Herman drove us around their town and then we loaded up and drove home. We stopped in Norman and had Jordan cut Trey's hair before coming home. Yesterday we all got up and went to church... We came home and were pretty lazy for a couple of hours before deciding to go see the new Total Recall movie. It was pretty darn good! We got Trey a new pair of shoes for school and then came home. The minute we got home we decided to go to dinner, and then hit the grocery store. I spent the rest of the evening trying to figure out how I am going to get everything done this week.! ;-(

I usually do not get too preachy or politically opinionated, but dang it there are a couple of recent issues that really bother me!

1.) The Chick-fil-a Homophobic issue... Yes, I understand freedom of speech, and I believe everyone has a right to their opinion. My question is what good did it do to make these inflammatory statements about what they consider to be "Their" family values? If they would open the cover of their bibles that they say they are standing behind they would see that judging people based on who they love is as wrong as them having an affair, or defrauding their company. Sin is sin... You wanna do something Pray for them. I screw up everyday. My sin is no different than someone in a same sex marriage sinning! All sin is sin! Hey Christians.... There will be gay people in heaven! Yep!!!!! If you understand Grace, you will see that it doesn't matter what you do or how often you do it. Grace covers sin, and the whole Cristian religion is based on the fact that God covers sin with blood of Christ. Any problem with those statements maybe you should read the book "Pure Grace." I have several copy's if you want to borrow one.

2.) The Right Winged Fear Factor.... I know that we are in the election period; However, scaring people in believing that if the Democrats win the election again that they are going to lose their guns, and everyone will be running around in the streets having abortions. Here are a few truths.... a.) If you are a male, you should have NO opinion about abortion! That is a medical decision between a female and her doctor. That doesn't mean that it is right or wrong... It means this is a female reproductive issue, butt out! b.) So as I am writing this post I see that some right winged wacko job walked into a mosque in Wisconsin and started shooting people who he thought were Muslim? Oh.... I forgot! We don't need gun control, or a better gun laws to prevent wacko jobs from having access to thousands of rounds of ammunition. Why are there so many more mass killings in the US than in European countries? How many people in this country want me to have an assault weapon? I ask Sherrie last night and she said "NO!" I can go out today sign some papers and have an assault weapon in a week or less? Not cool! We have police and military... They need assault weapons not Jim-Bob on the street. I own guns and have had them since I was 10 years old. My father taught me to hunt, but since my trip to Nepal I have learned that there is no real reason to do that either. Does that mean I will never hunt again? Probably not; However, I get more please out of hunting with my camera. I do not get any pleasure out of gutting a deer, or a hog... Heck I wont clean a fish. Why do that when the store is a block away?

That is about all the ranting I have for today... I do have another subject to vent about, but it can wait for another day!

Love you all!


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  1. Don't let them grind you down brother ;o)

    Keep the faith ... you're a good soul