Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday, August 13th, 2012


Well... Have I ever told you how much Mondays SUCK? The week was pretty crazy... Patty was off three days, Alicia was off three days, and Stephanie was off two days so it was Diane and I most of the week.... Did we sit around and feel sorry for ourselves???? NOPE! We admitted 17 patients! Trey had football everyday last week from 8am until 1:00pm on Tuesday, till 3pm on Wednesday, till 2:30 on Thursday and then Friday was pretty easy from 5:30am till 9:30am. They had early practice so the student athletes could go get their schedules. Trey has weight training first hour, then AP Biology, AP Algebra two, AP Oklahoma History, AP English, and then Spanish two, before heading back to the field house for football. That boy is going to be hella busy! I got up and rode early Saturday morning, before coming home and cleaning up for his first high school scrimmage... It was the green and white game. Before the scrimmage had even started he had sprain his ankle and was on the trainers table getting taped up. He did pretty well for a gimp! We came home and iced him down, then ended up at the mall to see the new Batman. Sunday morning we worked at church and then Sherrie and I did our shopping before heading out to the lake to ride. It was horribly hot and windy! Up early to take Trey to boot camp then on to work. Alicia broke her foot this weekend, so I was short handed again. I left right on time so I could get Trey from practice and get him home. I fixed him some dinner and then went to the lake to ride. This is Sherrie's last week of evening clinicals. I'll be glad when this week is over!

Love you all!


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