Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday July 20th, 2012


Good morning! Work  has kept me really busy this week. I hired my friend Stephanie Clark for my vacant admission coordinator position so I have been training with her, in addition to my liaison Diane being on vacation this week. It has been super busy! I think I saw 14 patients on Wednesday, and 12 yesterday. Like I though Alicia and Stephanie are going to be a great team together! Wednesday night I did paint another wall in the bedroom, and then spent the rest of the night cleaning house! It has been so hot outside that riding has pretty much been out of the question; However, Sherrie has clinicals tonight so I am going to ride if I get done with work at a decent time. It is only suppose to be 108 degrees today! ;-) Tomorrow morning we have a Santa Fe Football pancake breakfast at Applebee's! I am excited about that!

Love you all!


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