Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012


One more night like that and I'm going to buy an Ambien tree! I got up and started working about 4:00am. I knew I had to take Trey to school today, because Sherrie had clinicals at Deaconess and had to be at work at 7:00. I dropped Trey off and Sherrie called.... She had left her radiation detector thingys here at the house so, she needed me to run them over to Deaconess. It was thundering and lighting like CRAZY! I hopped on I-40 and got to work by 7:30. Just in time for team; However, Dr. Soter was not gonna make it so Dr. Martin sat in. Team lasted two hours, then we had a Case Management call, then Infection Control! If we didn't meet so much I would get something accomplished every once in a while! I had to make a run to Edmond at 4:00 so I packed up and headed this way! I made it home at 5:30 and Sherrie had grilled Salmon, and made salads. I was suppose to meet a couple at Louie's at 7:00 to discuss their wedding pictures but they had to reschedule to tomorrow. Sherrie and I went to Khol's to get me a new outfit for the Edmond Fine Art's Spring Show on Saturday night.... I was going to get a new suit but couldn't find anything pimperific enough! We came home and she started studying while I played with my website. I changed the songs on the Landscape page, and the engagement page... Take a look!

<3 YOU!


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