Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday, April 5th, 2012


What a crazy day! I did not sleep worth a darn.... I knew I had a stressful day on tap for Thursday, so I laid there thinking about everything, like it is going to change anything. Work was super busy. We have had 8 admits and 7 discharges in the last 48 hours.... I was given permission to hire a second admission coordinator; However, it has to be an LPN. This is not going to be easy.... Trying to find a nurse that wants to do office work. Oh well.... That's what I was instructed to do! Sherrie has a deep bone bruise on her right femur. She fell and hurt herself. She went to school this morning but came home early, and called in to work. I am playing Doctor! Only problem is she is a horrible patient, and does not follow directions well! Maybe it's because she is a woman!

Love you all!


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