Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday, April 7th, 2012


What did you do today? I started my day off heading over to my moms to get the trailer. Curtis had taken it back to El Reno last night so I pulled everything out of the garage and people came out of the wood work to buy all the leftover junk.... That's what was left.... Just junk! As soon as they got there I took the trailer came home and loaded the mower. I took it and filled it up with gas, and then to the car wash. We got out to Chad's house and he was puttin around on his little mower. I blew by him and mowed his whole five acres in about an hour. Trey and I headed back to Edmond and after a stop at Braums for a sandwich (Don't try the Blue Cheese Chicken) we came home and I made a glaze for the ham, and got it in the oven. I also made a green bean casserole, two pies, deviled eggs & sweet potatoes. I took a shower and took the trailer back to moms so Curtis and Lisa could take it back to El Reno. I stopped at Home Depot and got Sherrie a planter for some peace Lillie's she wants to transplant and then stopped at the grocerie store to pick up some fresh flowers, and more eggs for breakfast. Trey and I were working the Saturday night Easter Service at church.... Sherrie came home early for work and went with us. The service was great! It was packed out, and Pastor Herbert went buck wild on stage! We rushed home and while Sherrie was pulling everything outta the oven I ran and picked up a couple movies. I got The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and I got Immortals. We had a great dinner, and the sat down to watch Immortals. It was pretty good!! I did the dishes and now I am about to crash! I am working at Church early in the morning and then I am doing whatever, I want to do tomorrow! No work, no cleaning..... (Well maybe the floors!) Anyway you get my drift! I do want to mention that one of my very best friends has three tumors in his brain, and will be having major surgery on Thursday! He's not worried but I sure the hell am! Pray for him please!

Love you all!


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