Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday, May 19th, 2012


Well it has been a month since I blogged.... You may ask why? I have been very busy and something had to give. We have been at capacity at the hospital for a while now and it has taken everything I have to maintain that. I was able to hire an assistant for my assistant, which has freed Alicia up to take on some more responsibilities. Being full for such an extended period has caused it's own problems. It has really stressed our nursing staff, so we have a ton of new nurses coming on board, which is good and bad..... I started remodeling the hospital with some of my art. I have done two rooms so far, and the response has been wonderful. I have been sick as a dog this week. I feel like I have pneumonia, and have been going to bed at 7:00pm the last two days. Last night we were suppose to go to Norman to hang out with Josh, Jordan and their new puppy Jake but I got hung up at work. Sherrie and Trey waited for me at 10th and Broadway for two hours before coming back home. I had a new patient come in with incorrect orders and I had to call 20 doctors to get a hold of someone that would correct them. We ended up just running to Louie's and getting a wrap, so we will go to Norman tonight. I would love to ride my bike this morning but I can't walk down the hall without having a coughing fit! I know.... Poor baby!

Love you all!


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