Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday, May 20th, 2012


Well it was quite a busy Saturday, that lasted deep into Sunday morning. After I wrote yesterday I decided that no matter how bad I felt I needed to exercise so I got on my hybrid and took off through the neighborhood. It was nice, even though I could not breath due to my bronchitis (Ain't nobody got time for dat!) I came home cleaned up and then Sherrie and I dropped the car off at Firestone to get a tire replaced. We headed to the new coffee shop in downtown Edmond, it's called Evoke and although it's not as good as Vintage it was OK. We went to the Farmers Market and I bought Sherrie a case of peach salsa. I took her to work and picked up a few groceries. I came home and Trey and I spent the next five hours cleaning his room. Yes.... FIVE HOURS!!!!! After being in that filth for that long I cleaned up again and we headed to Sam's. We bought a bunch of crap we didn't need, but it's gonna be a wonderful Sunday evening dinner. We dropped the stuff off, went and paid for the car and then picked Sherrie up at work. We were headed to Norman to have Jordan do Sherrie's hair. We surprised Jordan at her salon, and she cut Treys hair. We grabbed some Chinese take out and headed to her apartment. We ate and Jordan started doing Sherries hair. I was concerned that the color was kinda red.... Well guess who was right. Dark blond became cranberry red! We came home and watched the Thunder beat LA. The game did not get over till after midnight, and then I couldn't sleep! I have so much to do today, and really don't want to. I need a new pair of dress shoes, and I am meeting a couple to talk about their wedding pictures. Have a great day!

Love you all!


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