Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday, December 27th, 2012


Been swamped busy! Work has really been pretty good! We are full, have been full, and will continue to be full, so we have been pretty lucky. We have just been maintaining our numbers and setting records for census, and gross revenue! I have been doing quite a few shoots in-between Christmas shopping, Christmas parties, having dinner with family and friends etc...

We were suppose to have a giant blizzard Christmas Eve... So Jordan and Josh came up and we opened up presents. I got a new back-pack and some new snow shoes! (I bought them myself!) Well the giant blizzard turned into some snow flurries. So I ended up going into work Christmas morning and serving breakfast. I also went and picked up some employees who were afraid to drive to work. I came home and we had a big breakfast. Trey talked me into playing some video games with him..... We went out to Chad and Shannon Lovett's for Christmas dinner. That was really nice.

I am leaving at 5:00am tomorrow morning and heading to Taos, New Mexico to do some climbing. When I come down from There I will head over to Durango, Colorado and Climb Windom Peak, before heading over to Moab, Utah and doing some climbing and hiking around the La Sal Mountains. I am excited to get away for a while. I have the truck loaded and will be camping in sub-zero temperatures several nights. This will be the biggest trip I have done in the last year.

I love you all!


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