Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012


The wekk went somewhere quickly???? Time is flying by.... I had a really busy week. There was so much to get accomplished that I had to get my clothes ready a couple days in advance. For those of you that don't know.... The minute I walk in the house, I lay my stuff out for the next day. I don't want to jump up and scramble around looking for something to wear. Everyday for me is well thought out with shirt, Pants, Tie, and matching socks.... For instance. The sweater I am going to wear today.... It is olive green and I made the mistake of buying a pair of socks to match it! The mistake was going to a high end men's store and not asking how much they were before giving them my credit card! ;-) Lesson learned! I was laying out all of my clothes and could not find my socks. I looked everywhere.... This is one bad thing about having a 14 year old help you put laundry away. It took me 30 minutes to find my olive socks in his mothers drawer.

Monday was a typical Monday at work. Putting all of my numbers together and trying to figure out who is coming and going for the week. Monday Night, I shot the Edmond Santa Fe Varsity Football banquet... WOW! They went all out on this thing... It was at the University of Central Oklahoma, and even though the presentations were awesome..... The media for the Freshman banquet was better! (Thank you very much!) The banquet was great and the food was wonderful, but I was already exhausted and it was only Monday!

Tuesday at lunch we had our department Christmas party. I really surprised a couple of them! I even made Diane get teary with the gift I got her. I took pictures of her boys without her knowing and had them printed, and framed. Tuesday night I had our Marketing group Christmas party... We met at 4:30 and the party was suppose to be over at 6:30, but it was closer to 7:00.... The only problem with that was I was suppose to be at Muay Thai at 7:00 so I walked into the boxing gym wearing pink! I think some of the tough guys were questioning my manhood, but they found out shortly thereafter!

Wednesday was a busy day at work.... I started at OU and ended at OU... I have been spending a ton of time there. Wednesday night I did a little shopping. I am almost done, but will still find a reason to shop!

Thursday was another long day! Work, of course keeps us hopping; However, we have been full for so long that we had 16 people on the waiting list. We are planning admissions two days in advance. I left the office at 4:30 and stopped by Khol's to look at tie's for Friday's party. I got to the Bricktown Brewery and participated in the Nursing Center Christmas Party. We had a really good time, until about 10:00 when I became the "Daddy" and had to make sure people got to where they were suppose to be.

Friday was another big party day! I didn't wear my party clothes to work, but changed after everyone left. I worked for two weeks on my outfit! Trey had his Christmas Orchestra Concert, so I invited my good friend Ivy Tran as my date! We had a really good time, except the fact that everyone started putting their drinks on my tab! Yeah.... I have some payback to take care of! I crashed when I got home.

The weekend was fun. Saturday morning I got all of my house work done. Trey and I had lunch in bricktown and then went to the All-College Basketball game. It was OU/aTm at the Chesapeake. We came home and then I started getting ready for a big Christmas party at my good friend Jodi's house! We did not leave there until well after midnight! It was a blast!

Sunday was lazy day! After church I kinda passed out for a couple of hours. I did some grocery shopping, put dinner in the crock pot and then watched a little football, before heading out to do a little Christmas shopping! I ended up buying everything I needed online! I got a new pair of snowshoes, and some new ski pants for my upcoming trip. I have decided to do a triple climb. One in New Mexico, One in Colorado and one in Utah! I am going solo alpine style. Sleeping in the truck and bouncing from state to state., I have already started packing my gear and I don't even leave until the 28th!

Love you all!


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