Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday, December 9th, 2012


Good evening everyone.... I don't know how often I have told you guys, but I love you all! Just before posting this I looked at my stats and I have has 27,250 reads.... That means someone has logged onto this crazy story that is my life and read what is up with the Jones's over 27,000 times! CRAZY!!!!

OK.... Here we go with the past week... Our hospital has been maxed out for about three solid months, but last week we started picking up momentum on the nursing center. On the whole campus we usually see about 10 admissions.... Last week we processed 25! That is kicking butt and taking names! My new liaison Carol is picking it up very well, and Diane has been kicking tail. Not to brag but I brought in 12 patients on my own last week. My CEO, Chad Lovett calls me King Kong and I call him Godzilla. It's been a pretty darn good run this last couple months. I am adding another liaison next Monday, and I can focus on physician development and VACATION!

Vacation is coming up on the 28th, and the crazy thing is I have no idea what I want to do? I have looked at flying into San Diego, and driving up PCH to San Francisco.... Another Idea is to drive to Taos, New Mexico and climb Wheeler, then over to Estes Park, Colorado to climb Longs Peak, and then on over to Moab, Utah to climb Mt. Peal. That would be awesome. I looked at weather conditions and a couple would be pretty darn iffy this time of year. I did a climb one time that I named "When you balls are bigger than your brain!", so nothing is out of the question! The other thing I am checking into is flying to the Dominican Republic and doing some relief work in Hati for about 10 days. I will narrow down my options later in the week.

I am officially back in training! I went back to the boxing gym last Tuesday! My good friend and Muay Thai instructor Mike Giroux is teaching at Western Avenue Boxing Gym on Tuesday nights and I went to see what I was missing out on! When I left it was like I was on speed! I felt so alive! I sent Mike a message later in the week and he told me I looked really good for such a long lay off! (I think I even surprised myself!" It's funny another guy I use to box with text me earlier and said he watched the Marquez/Pac-Man fight last night and told me he wanted to punch me in the face! :-) It's on Tuesday night! I have my gear laid out for a good run in the morning! Gotta get that cardio back!

I spent most of the weekend Christmas Shopping! Yesterday I went to the Outlet Mall, and Bass Pro. Today I went to Wal*Mart, Gordmans, Best Buy and Sams. Then home for Sunday cleaning and I am currently cooking grilled salmon to put on-top of these beautiful salads I made. Dang... I am such a good wife!

Better get busy! Love you all!


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