Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday, December 30th, 2012


Well I left Edmond at 5:30am Friday morning and by 6:00am, I realized I had left my wallet at home.... I was back on the highway by 6:15 and things were going great until I hit a snow storm outside of Clinton. It was slow going until I reached the Texas line. I went the speed limit all the way through the Texas panhandle to prove to my buddy Mike, and my ex-boss Tony Fernandez that it is possible to drive I-40 through Texas and not get pulled over. I should have stopped for gas in Amarillo, but I push on to New Mexico... I headed north on 104 through Tucumcari... It was the scenic route and I'm all about scenic!!! I rolled into Las Vegas, New Mexico around 1:00 and then on into Taos. I went to the Taos Ski Valley to scout out my climb, and when I went to talk to the park rangers, they told me Wheeler was closed due to avalanche danger. They suggested I try Williams Lake.... I drove back to Taos and found a little restaurant for dinner and then looked for a hotel room. I had every intention of camping at Bull of the woods, but without a snow plow I wasn't getting there. I found a room and loaded for a hike to Williams lake. I got up at 5:30 and headed out about 6:45. My truck said it was -14 outside and it felt like it. I found some coffee and then headed to the Ski Valley. I parked and headed two miles straight uphill to the Williams Lake Trail head.... I continued up another two mikes to the lake... Well I think there was a lake under the snow and ice. I hustled back down and went into a restaurant at the ski village to grab some nutrition. I got in the truck and headed out.... I took the Chama Pass to Colorado, and then Pagosa Springs to Durango. I checked into the hotel and then went north over the Silverton Pass to the quaint town of Silverton. I love this little mining town. The pass was very icy and I kept thinking if anyone was with me I would have turned back! I spent about an hour and a half in Silverton before the sun started to go down and I figured I better head back. I took it very slow and deliberate getting back. I came to the room and changed clothes before trying to find somewhere for dinner. I found a spot at the bar at Carvers Brew House. I met some very friendly folks from all around the country. I came back to the room, and booked a ride on the Durango to Silverton Narrow Gauge Train for this morning. I got up and headed south to Starbucks before boarding the train. I sat in the open air car all day. I knew I wanted to do that so I wore my climbing clothes.... I took 500 pictures and really enjoyed most of the trip. The thing that drove me crazy were people hanging off the train and getting in my shots. We call the photobombs or idiots! When the train rolled back into town I jumped in the truck and headed up to Vallencia Lake. It was frozen over and really kinda blah.... I came back to town, changed into a nice sweater and headed back to Carvers for dinner. I met another group of great people (You probably know I never met a stranger!) and then back to the room to down load pictures. I am headed out for Moab in the morning... I would like to leave at the buttcrack of dawn, but we are expecting a foot of snow here. I will just have to see what it's like when I wake up.

I love you all!


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