Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012


Busy, Busy! Every day we have something going on.... Monday nights we have Trey's football games, Tuesday nights I have Touchdown Club meetings, Catch up on Wednesdays, and Thursdays before Varsity games on Friday night! Ultimate football on Saturdays and then NFL on Sundays! I am exhausted. Sherrie is back in school, working and clinicals, so I also have all my house work, lawn work, and the full time job of taking care of this big dog! I'm not complaining, just saying there is not much time for anything else! Saturday night Sherrie and I, along with our friend Stephanie went to a concert in the city. We know the drummer for the band Seether, and they were playing with the Sick Puppies, and a new band called the Young Guns. They were awesome. Five young guys from London.... I talked to them for a bit after their set, and they were very gracious! I will post a link to their video at the bottom of this post. I also am going to post a link to a new book from one of my mentors. His name is Ira Meyer and he is a photographer for National Geography! HE gets to travel to the ends of the earth literally! I was one of the first people to order his new book, and can't wait to get it! As for me.... Work, is good... Building is full and so we are just maintaining what we have! I did a big show in Norman yesterday and made my girls dress up like cowgirls. We had fun and made some great contacts. I rode last Saturday, and ran a bit on Sunday. Still have a very sore knee.... I know, poor baby! (Young Guns Bones) (Ira's New Book)

Love you all!


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