Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday, October 26th 2012


Well.... It's been a couple of weeks, but everything is fine. Life is just really busy. Between work, football, photography and trying to take care of kid's the dog, lawn work, house work and everything else we are expected to do, there is just not much time for anything else. I am shooting the Santa Fe Freshmen and Varsity games so that is two nights a week. The funny thing is that's the kind of stuff that I love. The bigger problem with that is the quick turn around on the images to get them published in the program for the next game. If I sound like I'm whining.... Maybe a little, but I love it. I did send 74 images to print yesterday for the Freshman banquet. They wanted a action shot of each boy on the team and each member of the Pom and Cheer team.... That was quite a task! I also had the same project for all of the seniors on the Varsity squad. As football season is winding down.... Basketball season is starting. I sold my four Thunder season tickets this year... A couple reasons were Trey has two trips to Europe coming up, and I can get credentialed for most games so I would not be in my seats anyway! Did I mention that people are willing to pay crazy prices for tickets!!!!! Oh well.... Thanksgiving will be upon us before you know it, and then Christmas is right around  the corner. The other day it was in the nineties and then yesterday the bottom fell out, and winter is here. I just heard the heater kick on, and I plan on sleeping in the middle of the living room tonight with a fire going! I hope each and everyone of you who read this know how much I appreciate you!

Love you all!


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