Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012


Good Morning! Well freshman football season is over so we are down to one football game per week now. Our freshmen ended up with a 6-3 season, but if I were ever going to complain about anything it would be that this year the freshmen did not have a designated coach. The freshmen, JV, and the Varsity all practiced together. I think the freshmen got left out of a lot of basic drills, that they are going to need in the future. I coached many years ago, and there are fundamentals that have to be taught, re-taught, and the re-taught again! Anyway.... Our varsity had their final regular season game last night. We finished the regular season at 9-1 and won district 6A-1 championship. It was a great season, but we have FOUR more game to win to get the prize! We beat Choctaw last night 55-14. Last weekend was a blur... I had a wedding rehearsal at 4:00 Friday, then rehearsal dinner. The temperature fell into the 30's and I was in a dress shirt and jeans. Then I had to take Jordan home to Norman, so Friday was LONG. Saturday, Sherrie was off so we got up and did all of our shopping then lunch and off the the wedding chapel for the wedding. We got home at 11:00pm. I of course had to download all my pictures and scan through them. Sunday I slept in until 8:00am so I missed church. We shot senior pictures in Bricktown. They were fun.... It ended up being a family shoot, with all four kids, not just the two seniors. This week was unbelievably crazy! To keep our building full, we have to have 15 admits per week. That is between two liaisons and myself. Well.... We separated one of our liaisons, so between Diane and I we admitted 16 patients! HOLY CRAP. In addition to that I had the Oklahoma Hospital Association show on Thursday. What happened there..... We totally rocked the show! We had the "Party Booth!" It was a blast, and I made 100's of contacts! If you know anyone with a clinical background, and would love a challenging job, with a wonderful boss..... Send your resume to I am scheduling interviews next week. See there is one more job that President Obama has created! ;-) Please go vote this week, and remember for all of you ultra conservatives...... Jesus was a Lliberal Democrat. He gave everything he had, so you could have everything you need! Nuff Said!

Love you all!


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