Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 Thanksgiving


Hello, everyone out there! Life continues to be very busy. Football season Finley ended last Friday night after a tough loss to Tulsa Union. I wish we were still in the chase for state, but I'm not gonna cry. Next year will be our year! We have most of our skill players back, and I really do expect us to win state next year! We had our freshman banquet a couple weeks ago. I made 16x20 action shot posters for all 65 players and all 20 cheerleaders.... That was one of the biggest project I have ever undertaken! I was really pleased with the way they came out.

Work has been extremely busy. We separated from one of our liaisons a couple weeks ago, so I have been covering the whole state except for Midwest City. I did interview and hire two new staff members last week. As soon as their background checks come back I can get them in training. Our hospital has been a capacity for two solid months, with a waiting list of 10.... That is awesome. We still have some beds available on the nursing center side of the building. My superstar Diane has been taking some time off recently, so I have been covering her as well.... Seriously don't know how we have stayed as full as we have.

I was having a conversation with our social worker yesterday.... We were taking about things that we had done in the past and somehow we got on the subject of "If"... I thought about it for a minute and went down the path of "If" is just the middle part of "Life!" What happens before is the "L" and what happens tomorrow is the "E"... What is left is "If"! What If" I had done it this way, or what "If" I had done it that way.... There is no way of knowing! We can't live in the "If" world... We need to live each day to it's fullest. Enjoy what we do, love like there is no tomorrow, and treat each other and everyone like we would want to be treated. "If" we did that.... The world would be a more beautiful place.

During these holidays, I seem to get a little sentimental.... I am really missing those who I have lost.... I want to encourage everyone who reads this blog to pick up the phone and call someone that you have not talked to in a while and just tell them how much you miss them and that they are special in some sort of way! You never know.... They may not be here tomorrow! Live everyday with love!

Love you all!


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