Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012


Another week of go, go, go! We had something everyday, which is becoming typical for the Jones family. We find ourselves running from football practice to football meetings, to football games. That is perfect for me. Makes me soooo happy. All my life I wanted a little boy down on the sidelines and me sitting up in the stands. The only problem was my little boy is a Monster! So Thursday evening I left work and went straight to the Santa Fe Vs. Midwest City Varsity game. I helped set up the tail gate party until Sherrie got there. It was hotter than crap. The players showed up and were amped up..... Once the game got started we went up 8 to zero, and then MWC scored 27 straight points before Santa Fe came back and scored 33 straight to win the game 50 to 42. That was crazy.... Friday morning came early! Friday night we went to watch Memorial play Edmond North.... North is really good and Memorial is horrible. I got up and rode Saturday Morning and then came home and ran a couple of miles, before Trey and I went to Summit to play Ultimate football.... We had a blast and talk about a great cardio work out! We came home cleaned up and Sherrie and I did our shopping! My legs were a little sore but I hobbled around like a champ! We watched some football throughout the day and then OU came on at 9:30.... I only made it to 1/2 time. I got up and rode Sunday morning before church, and then took a little nappy! Sunday was kinda lazy but I needed a slow day. We rented some movies and just recovered. Yesterday was Labor Day and I got up and rode. Last year on Labor day I was at the lake riding before the sun came up and ran right into a guy in camo on the bike trail. Guess what??? No camo guys on the trail yesterday! ;-) I came home did my lawn work and then we went to the mall to get some hats embroidered. We decided to have some lunch and then home to relax before Trey's game. His game started at 6:00pm, and the outside temp was 102 degrees. I was on the turf taking pictures and it was 120+. The Wolves won the game 20 to 12. It was an ugly game but a win, is a win. Home for a shower, a turkey wrap and bed! It's gonna be a long... Short week. I got a call yesterday morning that my Aunt Faye had passed away. She has been sick for several years, but had just gotten really bad lately. Next weekend Sherrie and I are going to Tenkiller to relax for a few days.... Need some time to relax. Thanks to the Mitchell's for letting us use their lake house!

Love you all!


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