Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday, September 9th, 2012


Well it turned into a bittersweet week. Work was plenty busy... So busy in fact that my building is full to the point I had doctors calling me on my cell phone Friday asking why I was not taking their patients. I could only apologize and tell them we are full.... I lost my Aunt Faye last week and her funeral was Friday. So I worked from home and then went to the funeral.... Sherrie called me from the Spine Hospital and had a flat tire so I had to run over there help her get the car to the tire shop, come home dress for the funeral, go pick up the car and then get Trey home from football, before heading to the lake for the weekend. One of my very best friends bought an amazing lake house at Tenkiller and was letting us use it for the weekend. We did not get to the lake until 6:30 or so, so we took our stuff in and headed to Tahlequah to find some dinner. We found a little Mexican restaurant and then back to the lake house! There was an amazing thunderstorm rolling in and the thunder and lighting was so awesome. Sherrie passed out but I laid their listening to the rumble. I jumped up at 5:45 and went for a drive. I wanted to get some sunrise pictures, but there was not a cloud in the sky so sunrise was just kinda.... Sunrise! I saw at least 50 deer, and took a few pictures of them. I went back to the house and Sherrie was up and ready, so we went to our favorite restaurant at Tenkiller.... Big Daddy's on the Dam Road. It was YUMMY! We took a drive about 20 miles south of the lake to Sequoya National Wildlife Refuge. We go there in the winter to see some nesting Bald Eagles, but we just took a two mile walk around the park. We headed back to the lake house for a little nap, and then headed out to a couple of the parks to look for something to take pictures of. Honestly.... The water is so low that all of the docks and stuff are sitting on dry land. We drove into Tahlaquah and had an early dinner at Sam n Ella's. It was amazing... We walked down the street to a bike shop and then walked around the campus of North Eastern State University.... Home of the River Hawks! The campus is beautiful and the weather was as well! We stopped at a couple little shops before heading back to the lake. We watched some video's I have made over the last couple of years and then turned on the TV and watched a little football before crashing out. We got up and cleaned the house, then walked along the lake while the towels were in the dryer. We headed out and stopped at Big Daddy's for breakfast before driving home. When we got home we noticed the dishwasher was not working. We went to Sears, Best Buy, Home Depot and then found one at Lowes. It took a couple of hours to change it out, and then Sherrie and I went to the Market. I started working on reports and she made a big salad for dinner. It is going to be a crazy busy week. Trey has a game tomorrow and then the Varsity has a huge game Friday night! I hope the week goes good!

A little bit about my Aunt Faye.... Aunt Faye was married to my Uncle Al. Uncle Al, is the only surviving child in my dad's family. There were 16 of them and he was the oldest. He and Aunt Faye were married for 56 years, and had four children. They lived here in Edmond all of my life, and Aunt Faye and my mom were best friends. She was such a sweet lady. I could always count on her for Christmas and Birthday cards.

I also got a package in the mail today.... It was from my cousin Aundra in Tennessee.... I opened it up and it was an OU hat that I gave my Uncle Gerald probably 10 years ago. It is old and dirty, but it is by far one of the most special items I own now. She included a letter that flat out made me breakdown in tears, but I had to mention how special that was. I am going to buy a glass case and it will go next to my dad's flag.

Love you all!


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