Monday, January 13, 2014

Sunday, January 12th 2014


Well it has been a very busy week! I made it to the YMCA almost everyday. I continued to work on cardio and then met my friend Kim Van Sickle at the MWC YMCA yesterday morning for a swim lesson. I needed some help with my form. She changed my kick and HOLY COW!!!!! It worked my core super hard. I was essentially bent over for the rest of the day. It was my week with Trey so we did some running around, including going to his mom's to try and see what it's going to take to get his truck running. We also stopped by the card store to let him spend his allowance. He does a very good job of spending money! This week I am going to try and work cardio and core before work and try and catch a swim at least four days. Tuesday night I am going to work-over my buddy Jenna! I love training with Jenna.... She is a tough cookie! :-)

The new job is going very well.... It is very different from what I was doing; although I see many of the same people. My partner just retired from the Navy, so I set up a meeting with the VA on Friday to discuss doing a significant amount of business with them. I think the meeting went very well! I hope that will really impact us for the long term growth of our business. This week we are doing a marketing blitz in a couple different areas of the city.

I had the opportunity to hangout with some really great people this weekend. I entertained my little neighbor for a while on Saturday. I bought about 100 canvas' a couple weeks ago, so we painted for quite a while. It inspired me to turn my music room into an art studio. Saturday night I went to Picasso's restaurant to see Issei Aoyama and his 4.tet. He has a little jazz band and they have a blast playing. He is playing again in a couple of weeks at Rococo North Park. Sunday Trey and I worked at church and then I attended a second service. I did a little running around after that. I went by Red Coyote Running to look for some new Blue Tooth head phones. No luck!  Oh well... I'll keep looking!

Love you all!


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